A Startup is Being Created to Commercialize Core Results from CumuloNimbo

A startup is being created to commercialize some of the core research results from the CumuloNimbo project. The startup creation is being led by UPM and some other partners will participate in the effort. The main results that will be commercialized include the ultra-scalable transactional processing integrated with full SQL support. The startup will offer several products including an ultra-scalable full SQL full ACID database and a full ACID version of Apache HBase key-value data store.

CumuloNimbo promotional video uploaded to youtube

 The project promotional video has been uploaded to youtube:



Project booth at ICT Conference 2013, Nov. 6-8, Vilnius (Lithuania)

The CumuloNimbo booth for the ICT Conference 2013 is set up and ready to received visits during the 3 days of the conference.

The posters are already on the booth to attract visitors. A photo of the booth with the posters is attached.

The posters can be found at:

The Distributed Systems Lab (LSD) at UPM organizes ICDCS 2014 in Madrid

The Distributed Systems Lab (LSD) at UPM organizes the 34th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems 2014 (ICDCS 2014) during 30th June-3rd July 2014 in Madrid.

This is the premier conference in distributed systems and it is the first time that it is organized in Spain in its 34 years of history.

The call for papers is available at: http://lsd.ls.fi.upm.es/icdcs2014/call-for-papers

CumuloNimbo Public Workshop at 2nd EUDAT Conference, Rome, Italy, 28th Oct. 2013

The CumuloNimbo has organized its public workshop at the 2nd EUDAT Conference in Rome (Italy) during 28th Oct. 2013.

The target of the conference was to create awareness within the science big data community.

The title of the workshop was: CumuloNimbo: The Sky is No Longer the Limit for Big Data!

The agenda of the workshop was:

CumuloNimbo project selected to be an exhibitor at ICT 2013 conference at Vilnius

If you belong to the grand public and are curious about what is cloud computing
and how it works, our stand offers you a set of tablets with Apps to learn about
cloud playing with games.

If you are a technical person or a scientist interested in cutting edge technologies, we will show
you how CumuloNimbo has transformed the cloud and now it is able to combine
the promises of scalability of the cloud with the consistency and ease of use of
traditional technologies, namely transactional databases and SQL.

CumuloNimbo Startup

Some partners of the CumuloNimbo project including the project coordinatator, UPM, are currently involved in the creation of a startup to commercialize the ultra-scalable transactional technology resulting from the project.


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